To start off and to give you good folks my size, I am about 6 feet tall and 170 pounds with a thin build. Be lucky I gave that much information because gents over 25 usually do not give their weight. Just Josh’n with ya! Back to the pants, I was looking for another compression-like pant for my occasional jog and to play soccer in. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, but based on the reviews I chose these. I figured I would be a large, but my previous Good product.


My thoughts:
I just received the pants.I didnt expect these (or any) pants to fit and look like (on me) the advertised picture, because I’m not built like the model in the picture.


If I want the pants to fit right around my quads, I’d order a small, but I’d sacrafice the length. But, I’d STILL not look like the model in the picture. If I want the pants to look like they do in the picture, I’d do more squats. The pants aren’t going to make me more muscular.
With that being said, they are not “baggy” around my quads, by any means. Nice loose fit. And they are “snug” but not “skin tight” around my calves. They are perfect around my waist (but adjustable, so that is expected).


As far as the comfort: They are, for the most part, pretty comfortable. The zipper on the ankles is, well, a zipper. So, it feels like a zipper against your ankles. This would probably get annoying, for extended workouts or cheap Kraken jerseys running, if you don’t wear high socks. So, keep that in mind (for any ankle zipper pants, I suppose). Nothing against the manufacturer. That is just something to be aware of.